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Artist Title Format
IG-01 Noggin Noggin 7"
IG-02 Prick Decay Rotten Groove 7"
IG-03 Various Artists Ignivomous Presents Holiday Abstractions: Easter, Puberty, & Amplifiers 7"
IG-04 Emil Beaulieau Live at the Red Room CDR
IG-05 Prick Decay Rustic Lingo CDR
IG-06 Shriek Scurry(Title Illegible) CDR
IG-07 Simon Wickham-Smith/Richard Youngs Knish 12"
IG-08 Evil Moisture Tongue-Phones Earstick Tri-Ax Chakka Khan CDR
IG-09 Richard Ramirez Cultural Blockade CDR
IG-10 Cock E.S.P. Masters of Humiliation CDR
IG-12 Lab Rat Known Incompatibilities CDR
IG-13 r&g/Shimpfluch-Gruppe Shitpflug CDR
IG-21 Sukora oeo 12"
IG-23 Malta Concert For Bill Weaver Cassette
IG-24/25 Wrong In the Wrong Double CD
IG-26 Evil Moisture/Cock E.S.P. Monsters of Cock 5"
IG-69 Cock E.S.P. The Pride of North American Noise CD
IG-72 Ashtray Navigations Sea II CDR
IG-74 Various Artists Phi-Phenomena CD
IG-76 Lotus Garbage In, LOTUS Out CD
IG-77 Lotus Version 2.0 CD
IG-82/83 Flying Luttenbachers Trauma Double 12"
IG-84 Wolf Eyes/Panicsville Stabbed in the Face 12"
IG-86 Unconditional Loathing Cornholecopia CD
IG-96 West Yorkshire Drone Centre Music From the West Yorkshire Drone Centre 1996 CDR
IG-101 Radio Shack/Radio Shock Radio Shack/Radio Shock Cassette
IG-102 Hinkis/Lapidus Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Your Doors VHS
IG-103 Malta First Bris Cassette
IG-104 Carnitas Carnitas CDR
IG-105 Massaccesi A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste CDR
IG-106 Occasional Detroit/MC Trachiotomy Occasional Detroit/MC Trachiotomy 12"
IG-107 ORTHO/Irene Moon ORTHO/Irene Moon 7"
IG-108 Radio Shock/Radio Shack Radio Shock/Radio Shack 7"
IG-109 Pope Joanna Separate Wounds CDR
IG-110 Jason Crumer Hum of an Imagined Environment CD
IG-111 Lori Felker Bild Quilt DVD
IG-112 James Twig Harper Intuitive American Esoteric Vol. 1 12"
IG-113 Sejayno Sedainty 12"
IG-1111 Various Artists Hack 'n Snack DVDR

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