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About QXW

QXW is a construction band and moving company. Members Kyle Lapidus and Ron Rosenman formed the project in the Fall of 1994 while studying electronic music under Ivan Tcherepnin.

A flyer for custom baseball caps catalyzed QXW's formation. At the time, Ron and Kyle were collaborating to translate passages from the Bible into a new sonic language - a tedious studio process that cemented their friendship while driving their interest in performing live.

No matter what they may seem, QXW performances are highly structured pieces and no two are ever the same. However, duct tape figures heavily in many instances, as does the use and abuse of homemade contact microphones processed through effects, often in conjunction with power tools.

In many QXW shows, props and materials are built and used during the performance, and often destroyed in the process. Of course this can generate a very big mess. QXW is proud of its track record for cleaning up its own mess.

QXW also stands by its commitment to safety, evidenced by the fact that no one has has ever lost life or limb at a QXW show.

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