520 Eighth Avenue Between 36th and 37th Street. Suite 1602
May 10 2005 7-9 p.m.: Opening Reception with live performance by Irene Moon
Regular "Office" Hours: Tuesdays 9-5 and Sundays 12-6

Artists Include: Brian Alfred, Bengala, Yoav Bergner, Kevin Bewersdorf, Evan Greenfield,
Sabrina Gschwandtner, Elana Langer, LoVid, Tony Luib, Cat Mazza, Tom Moody,
Irene Moon, N.I.N.E, Douglas Repetto, Michelle Rosenberg, and Erika Somogyi

May 2005, New York City -- Ignivomous, an arts organization dedicated to nurturing and developing new genres, art forms and mediums, together with 34 present ART!@*<>WORK, an art exhibition that explores the tension between the art of work and the work of art. The cubicles of a midtown Manhattan office space provide the backdrop for fifteen New York artists' pieces.

Each artist has been allocated a cubicle to transform and exhibit projects inspired by work and work environments. Visitors will be invited to explore and interact with the space during "office hours." Cubicles will also be designated throughout the space for visitors to come and do their own work or eat their lunches.

* Cat Mazza (microRevolt) will recreate corporate logos with knitting, machines, and needlepoint.
* Sabrina Gschwandtner will sew thread and paper drawings on the machine installed in her cubicle.
* LoVid and Douglas Repetto wired their cubicle with fans, motors, AV cables.
* Evan Greenfield and Erika Somogyi creating a shrine to lost free time out of Sculpy clay and wax.
* Tony Luib has transformed his cubicle into an abstract environment using office supplies.
* Michelle Rosenbergās reinvented her cubicle as a space for daydreaming.
* Yoav Bergner has replaced the officeās furniture with his own artisan and conceptual furniture.
* N.I.N.E will invite the visitors to participate in the urban exploration game HERE.
* Irene Moon presenting a 4ā tall microscope as well as photographs and a video animation from her MS thesis in entomology.
* Brian Alfred will show a collage with a replication of all the tools used to make the work out of paper.
* Tom Moody has installed an old computer and will be using it as a drawing tool during visiting hours.
* Bengala have included their personal experiences from their jobs in a mixed media installation.
* Kevin Bewersdorf acting as a CEO will show his mock corporate videos.

ART!@*<>WORK is made possible through Artists Space Independent Project Grant.

For more information please contact Elana Langer (elana at praxistv com) or Tali Hinkis (tali at ignivomous org).